Flow up to 500 CFS

The San Juan is fishing well with the increased flow up to 500 cfs. We finally got some more water, and the fish are enjoying it. Nymphing has been most productive with small bugs under an indicator. Dry fly fishing has picked up in the afternoons if the wind cooperates. Fish are starting to spread out within the braids and more spots can hold fish. Anglers should expect to use 5X and 6X tippet and leaders, small sized split shot and a small indicators. We expect the flows to stay around 500 CFS or higher for the remainder of the summer. Watch the weather around Navajo Dam, rain is in the forcast and we could see the first ant fall of the season. This is the time to dry fly fish. Ants, crickets, beetles, and hoppers. Anything dark or black should do the trick.


Big Macs – Black, Olive, Tan, Red – Sz 22

Black Beauties – Black – Sz 20-26

Thread Body Fluff Baetis – Brown, BWO – Sz 20-24

Foam wing RS2 – Brown, Olive, Black – Sz 20-26

Griffith’s Gnat – Natural – Sz 12-20

Ants, Beetles, Crickets – Black – Sz 10-18