Los Pinos Fishing Excellent

The Pine River is flowing around 700 cfs and is fishing pretty good. Water is crystal clear, and bugs have been hatching. Caddis, Mayflies and Midges are the main menu. Nymphing has been the best. With the heavy water our rigs are long and deep. Been fishing 2 tungsten flies along with 2 BB split shots at about 6 ft. Dry fly fishing is starting to pick up but haven’t seen many fish rise. Dry dropper rigs will product on the nymph along the edges of the current. This is pretty standard summer flows, and we shouldn’t see those changes for the near future. Book your trip now!


Czech Sob – Ginger, Olive and Tan – Sz 14-16

Devil Jig – Black, Olive and Gold – Sz 12-16

Caddis Larva – Olive and Chartruese – Sz 14-18

2 Bit Hooker – Light Olive, Black and Brown – Sz 14-18

Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle Jig – Natural – Sz 14-20

Studd Chubby – Tan and Yellow – Sz 12-18

Big Boned Caddis – Tan and Olive  – Sz 12-16