March 31, 2022

The Animas has been fishing consistently over the last several weeks. Around March 25th, we enjoyed warm temperatures and saw our first bump in runoff. The river doubled to almost 500 CFS and turned off color. Over the next couple of days, the mountains received a foot of snow and a jump back to cooler/cold temperatures. Current conditions are improving and water is slowly clearing. This won't last long so get out and fish it now. Spring fishing in April will vary, much like the air temperatures. This is a great time to fish streamers. Fish are more likely to chase and eat streamers in high dirty water. Nymphing can still be productive. As always, call or stop by for assistance.


Gallop’s Dungeon and Mini Dungeon – Black, yellow, white and cream
El Sculpito – Olive and Natural
Krystal Woolly Buggers – White and Black
Pat’s Rubber Legs – Black/Coffee and Orange/black
Eggesty Eggs – Apricot, Row, Pink, Yellow