Big Hatches

The Animas is dropping quickly after runoff but has been fishing well. The caddis are hatching in full force and there are clouds of bugs. We have seen some PMD’s, golden stones and a few green drakes. Nymphing is most productive but plenty of opportunities for dries and dry/dropper rigs. If you want to fish dries, target the early evening until dark. This is the best time after sunset to catch on top. Keep an eye on the weather around Durango, we are expecting some big rains, and this might change the river conditions.


Elk Hair Caddis – Olive, Brown, Yellow – Sz 12-18

PMD Comparadun – Dark – Sz 14-18

Swing Caddis – Olive, Tan – Sz 12-18

Skinny Olive – Green – Sz 14-18

Prince  – Dark – Sz 12-20

Speckled Stone – Golden – Sz 12-18

Hoppers – Olive, Yellow, Tan, Brown – Sz 6-12