March 28, 2021

The San Juan has been more productive coming out of the winter months into spring. It’s been sitting in between 330-350CFS for the past few weeks. Bug activity is on the rise and blankets of midges are becoming more prominent. Recently, the water has had some color with about 2ft of visibility so it’s the right time to fish Leeches in a variety of colors with either a dead drift or twitch/retrieve. Also, a variety of larvae and annelids can be found concentrated in the morning time frame and will fade as the day progresses. Following the Midge cycle through the day can be productive from the larvae state (morning), emerger (Late Morning) to the midge cluster (Afternoon).


Mayer’s Leech – Black, Olive, or White
Wilson’s Bloodworm – Size 18 & 16
UV Emerger – Black and Chocolate – Size 22 and 24
Brooks Sprout Midges – Black, Gray and Cream – size 24 and 26