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Fishing Report - Los Pinos River

September 28, 2019

Fall is the absolute best time of year! Water conditions have dropped and fall colors are fantastic. We have been catching a lot of beautiful rainbows and browns over 16 inches. Nymphing has been most productive but still getting a couple on dry flies. Fall is the best time to fish streamers on the Pine. Hatches are smaller and less consistent so the fish are looking for a big meal. Water levels should stay great for fishing for the next month. Book a trip and get on the Pine!


Crystal Stimiulator Dry16-20Olive, Yellow, Orange
Juju baetis nymph18-22Zebra, brown
Yellow Sally nymph16-20yellow
Near Nuff Sculpin Streamer4-8Tan, Olive
Dirty Hippy Streamer4Rainbow, Brown Trout
Blue Winged Olive Comparadun Dry18BWO

As of: October 20, 2019

Los Pinos below Vallecito Res
221 cfs

Previous Reports

August 29, 2019

The Los Pinos River below Vallecito Reservoir has been fishing very consistent. Big caddis hatches and PMD's are happening daily. There are a lot of fish looking up and dry fly action has been good. Still producing most fish nymphing but streamer fishing has been picking up. The fall months are the best time of year to fish streamers. If you'd like to take a real trophy on a streamer consider and fall trip on the Pine! If you feel like hiking, the Los Pinos above Vallecito has been on fire in the Weminuche Wilderness.


Iron Lotus16-20Olive
Graphic Caddis14-18Tan, Olive
Dirty Hippy Streamer6Tan, Rainbow
Foam Body Caddis16-20Yellow, Tan, Brown
Yellow Sally14-20Yellow

August 10, 2019

The Pine river is in prime shape and fishing has been lights out! We are having solid action on dry flies and streamers, while nymphing is still most productive. The flows have stabilized around 620 cfs and the trout have settled into typical feeding patterns. Caddis, Mayfly and Stone flies hatches are coming off the river. Mid morning until dark has been the most productive times. Fantastic fishing should continue the rest of the season.


Graphic Caddis12-16Tan, Olive
Gold Bead Angel Case Emerger14-18Natural/Blue
Big Boned Caddis12-16Tan, Olive
Gallop's Articulated Dungeon Mini6Olive

July 07, 2019

With Vallecito Lake filling to capacity last week the flows on the Lower Pine river have been all over the place. It has fluctuated from 2500 cfs to 800 cfs. Keep an eye on the gauge, if the flow has been stable the fishing should be good. Streamers have been moving fish, and fishing hoppers down by Bayfield has been productive. The Caddis hatches have been heavy in the afternoons, and there are still some stoneflies coming off. We have been hooking up to fish in some of the faster water, so be sure to cover the whole river when you fish, they aren't always holding in the obvious spots. Look for the flows to stabilize over the next few weeks as spring runoff ends.



Elk Hair Caddis16-18Tan
Chubby Chernobyl8-12Royal/Tan
Pink Bunny12-16Silver
Graphic Caddis16-18Tan/Green
Girdle Bug6-10Black/Coffee
Cheech Leech2Fall

June 14, 2019

The Los Pinos River is experiencing above average flows with Vallecito Reservoir filling up quickly. Normal conditions are between 400 to 800 cfs through the summer months. Currently, we are experiencing the river around 2300 cfs. While most of the river is big and moving fast, the water is fairly clear. There are still fishing opportunities to be had despite the flows. Heavy nymph rigs and long leaders are essential for success. Big water can produce big fish!


Flashback Hares Ear8-16Natural
Devil Jig12-16Black, Gold
RS218Tan, Olive
UV Baetis Jig14Olive

April 23, 2019

Fishing is excellent/consistent over the last week. Flows are slowly increasing but not enough to affect the fish. Nymphing has been producing the most fish with an occasional streamer follow and eat. Without a doubt the best river conditions in Southwest CO at the moment. If your interested in fishing the Pine, don't hesitate to contact us!


Bubble-back Pheasant Tail Emerger14-18Natural
Zebra Midge18-22Olive, Black
Big Mac20Chocolate, Tan
Tungsten Surveyor 16-20Natural Tan

April 12, 2019

This tail-water river is currently the regions most consistent fishery. Flows around 300 CFS are ideal to target trophy fish, enough water to provide cover for the fish, but not too much for the angler to wade. Quality rainbows and browns are being landed with a few solid shots at some much bigger fish. Conditions won't last long with higher flows forecasted in the next few weeks. Call the shop for further questions or to book your spot.


Mirco Mayfly18Olive, brown
UV Emerger18-22Blacks, Tan
RS220Olive, Brown, Black
Euro Caddis Nymph12Tan

April 02, 2019

The river flows are up and the fishing is excellent. All winter the flows remained around 5 cfs and now we are experiencing flows around 355 cfs. The fish are feeding aggressively and are not picky. Streamers and nymphs and producing fish with consistency. Still a little early for dry flies. The water is holding steady but is expected to increase in the coming weeks. This is a fantastic river that holds trophy fish. Call the shop to book, we promise it's worth it!


Sex Dungeon4Olive
Metallic Caddis Larva16Chartreuse
Devil Jig14Copper
Pheasant Tail18Natural
Zebra Midge20Black, Olive