4/13 Early Runoff

We are seeing some early season runoff on the Animas River. Fishing has been steady on bigger flashier nymphs. Step up your tippet and leader to 3x and 4x. This will help save your flies and won't bother the fish. The spring season before, during and after runoff is the ideal time to fish streamers. With the water clairty and CFS constantly changing, fishing both small and large streamers can be very productive. Look to target the soft water along the banks where you have structure like rocks and steep drop off. Try both a quick and slow retrieve and also let it swing all the way through the drift. Don't forget to strip set and hold on.


Gallops Dungeon and Mini Dungeon Streamer – Black, White and Yellow – Sz 2 and 6

Heisenberg Streamer – Black, Cowboy, White – Sz 6

Franks Flashy Nymph – Green and Orange – Sz 12, 14, 16

Purple 20 Incher Nymph – Sz 12, 14, 16