Post Runoff

The Animas has reached the peak runoff and is now on the drop. We topped out around 3000cfs this year. Not great, but this was how the cards fell. The water clarity has improved, and fishing has picked up. Stone flies, Caddis and Mayflies have been seen hatching. Streamers have also been productive. Nymphing has taken the most fish, but don't discount a big dry followed by a large nymph. Hoppers are all over the place and will be a steady food source for the coming months. Our runoff is about a month early, which means the waters levels and temps will be tough later this summer. Get it while it's good!


Stubby Chubby – Olive, Royal, Orange, Gold – Sz 8-16

Big Boned Caddis – Tan, Olive – Sz 12-16

Rosa Jig – Violet, Red and Pink – Sz 14-16

Parawulff Adams – Natural – Sz 14-20

Sculpzilla – Black, Natural, Fire Orange – Sz 4-8

Meat Whistle – Black, Olive – Sz 2/0

El Sculpito – Tan, Olive – Sz 4