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Dear All @ San Juan Angler,

My 8 year old son, Ethan, and I recently had a wonderful float trip on the San Juan with your guide Orion Good. We had the most wonderful time, especially Ethan who caught over a dozen nice rainbows and browns during the 1/2 day float trip! He is truly a "Fishy" guy as Orion calls those who can seem to do no wrong on the river. He hasn't stopped talking about how much he enjoyed his trip. Thank you!

Thanks very much and best regards,



My son Frankie and I stopped into the San Juan Angler shortly after moving to Durango about a year ago for an introduction to the local waters. After spending about two hours or more talking with Nick Ross who is one of the guides and helps run the fly shop, we immediately knew that we had discovered a vast source of information and expertise in the San Juan Angler fly shop that would indeed prove most helpful for us getting to know the local waters in our new surroundings.

Our experiences with Nick have all been very successful in catching lots of big fish, and we have used him several times on different waters each time. He is very patient and provides a wealth of information. He works to ensure our success and success you will have fishing with Nick! We're already planning more trips in 2014 that will no doubt be fun and will include catching a lot more fish.

Everyone at the San Juan Angler fly shop seems to take a genuine interest in making sure you not only catch fish but also learn what you need to know about how to fish the local waters around Durango and on the San Juan. We've used Nick for high country trips where we would hike in and fish as well as on the Animas and San Juan, each trip with incredible experiences and tons of fun! I highly recommend Nick as a guide if your serious about catching lots of big fish! Also, I've not seen a better guide that teaches you the tricks of the trade. The San Juan Angler has been the key to our success to a lot of great fishing over the past year since moving to Durango…thanks guys!


Durango, CO




San Juan Anglers is a first class operation. Very professional and well run, the staff, Nick, Cole, and Bruce, are always a source of great information.  Personal and friendly, these guys love to talk fly fishing and will do their best to put you in gear that is right for you while providing excellent value, versus gear that simply carries the highest price tag. I also highly recommend their guide service. No guide service knows the local waters better or will work harder to put you on fish

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Date: Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 8:48 PM
Subject: Great Shop!
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My name is Greg, and we were in town a few weeks ago, and stopped in the shop to get the skinny on a trip down to the San Juan.  Several of the guides were in the shop after their trips, and they were more than helpful to get us set up with the correct bugs, and advice! They talked to us for a very long time and were not pushy about having to buy anything, although we did, just was nice to get some straight talk, great advice, and the correct setup. I guided many years ago, and it was refreshing to have enthusiastic guys in a shop that loved talking fishing and had a ton of knowledge.  I brought both my boats and floated with my wife and 3 year old daughter, and my brother with his 13 year old son and a family friend.  It so happened a tournament was going on that day on the river, and due to the advice of the guys in the shop, we probably would have won the tournament if we were in it. Ha!  Caught a ton of fish, some real big fish, daughter loved reeling them in, wife had a amazing time hauling in some big boys, and my nephew is beyond hooked.  Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks, and can't wait to stop in next year to talk some shop and spend some money!  Great guys, wish I would have got all three of their names.

Thanks to the boys in the shop



"I just wanted to tell you that my Son and I had an excellent day of fly fishing on July 2nd with Ben Hahn.  His background, expertise and enthusiasm made for an awesome time.  The trip has given me and my Son
wonderful memories that we will never forget.  Ben,   thank you very much and we hope to see you soon.


Jim and Cameron" Mon, Jul 8, 2013



"July 18, 2012

Dear Nick, Brad, and Wiley:

Thanks a bunch for the great fly fishing trip on te San Juan. It was great to see my parents and the rest of my family having fun on the river all day. We really appreciated the guidance, since none of us were experienced at fly fishing.

You guys were great, and we all enjoyed it. The river was beautiful, there were plenty of fish, and the whole day was a blast. This was probably the highlight of our vacation and I know my parents will remember it for a long time. Part of the fun was having guides that were relaxed and clearly enjoyed being out there with us.

Thanks again, and we hope to do this again on a future trip!

Paul Spearman Decatur, Georgia"



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