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animas river fishing reports

animas river fishing reportsan juan river fishing reportsanimas river fishing report


The Animas River and other local Durango area fishing reports.

animas river fishing report



May 6th - The Animas is in full on run off now but that doesn't mean there's no fish to be caught around here. Pastorius is a great place to go after work due to its proximity to downtown Durango. There have been massive midge hatches in the evenings on windless nights up there recently and the lake is covered with rising fish.

A Griffith's gnat can be very effective during this time. The sunsets are spectacular up there as an added bonus.

The salmonflies will be hatching here within a couple of weeks so look to the Piedra and other super clean rivers for that. Throwing big (# 4-6) dries and Stimulators can make for some spectacular dry fly fishing.

May 2nd - Nick - Dolores River Low and clear with fish moving to baetis nymphs and emergers below the dam.  The fish are generally spooky at the moment with the low and clear water. Long leaders and a stealthy approach are key. The fish were eating in the film during the late afternoon on foam lines and heavy seams.  

Hot flies, juju baetis, flashback pheasant tail, grey cdc loopwing emergers.

Williams Creek The fishing was great on Williams as of yesterday. The water is pushing some volume at the moment, but it didnt effect the fishing at all. Fish were moved up in to the riffles and heavy chop eating stone flies!  Some mayflies were popping but no interest by any of the fish. If you are going to Williams look in the weird riffles for browns eating molting stone flies!! 

Hot flies, Bead Head Girdle Bug orange/black, purple 20 inchers, frenchies, tungsten riffle gold bead dragon stone tan.

April 30th - Puett Reservoir

Fishing for pike has been good. This is a numbers lake,so be prepared to enjoy a lot of fish without too much size. Furthermore, these pike aren't very selective. Bunny strip and Puglisi style-flies will move fish. While wading is an option here, a boat will help you fish this small piece of water.




April 26th - River Flow 2000cfs.

The Animas has blown out for the moment.


April 22nd - River Flow 1030 CFS

Fish it while it lasts is the name of the game on the Animas from here on out. The river lost its calmer, green hue late last week and is now rising everyday with the beautiful weather we've been having. As the heat persists, the run-off will progress. If it is colder overnight, that will slow down the melt, then as the day progresses the flow will pick up again. So the key will be to find the clearer water downstream from cleaner tributaries or fish in the morning when the flows are slower from the overnight cold.

Time to get out the streamers and float it while you can. Black and purple streamers should work well out there. In addition caddis larva and pupae with the caddis starting to come off.


April 18th - Pine - Water is low and clear. But the fishing is excellent in the deeper runs. GB Flashback Pheasant Tail #18 was the hot fly of the day. Long upstream presentations are necessary to avoid spooking the fish.

nice brown on the Pine

April 16th - River Flow 722 CFS. The Animas has returned to more normal flows from the previous weeks and is currently the real pretty green color it gets sometimes. The weather has stabilized and the river may do the same for a brief period. The best way to take fish this time of year is to throwing streamers toward the bank from a boat. One can cover a lot of water and a lot of fish this way.

The Pine is at nice spring flows right now. Try using large prince nymphs or black stonefly nymph imitations.

April 15th - The Animas has dropped significantly in the past few days, around 300 cfs, and is starting to clear up around the banks.  The fish have been moving to bigger streamer patterns such as Sex Dungeons, Sculpzillas,
Double Bunnys, and Slumpbusters. Black, yellow, olive and tan have been the best colors.  Fishing should be concentrated around slack water, and stream inlets, as the fish have moved to clearer water to protect their gills from from getting silty!

The Pine: The Pine is fishing great with nymphs!  Barrs Emergers, Wonder Nymphs, and Caddis Larva have been producing good fish at the moment. Flows are low and the water is clear, so a stealthy approach with longer casts is key!!

Other area creeks:All the high country streams are running clear and fishing well around our town!  Early season high country angling can be quite rewarding with nymphs!!! Girdle bugs, 20 inchers, bat wing emergers, BLM, are all great nymphs to be taking into the back country at this time!! Dont forget about the blue wing hatches, come prepared with BWO dry flies as well!!

April - 8th - The Animas has dropped from the record flows it was running at last week but by all accounts is still in runoff. If you want to float through town, bring your rod with and cast streamers towards the banks. Try black slumpbusters first, it will give you the best contrast in the murky water. Our new red/black pattern will also work well. Provided the water doesn't get any higher, the fishing will be good because having dropped below high the water has washed off most of the first lot of debris and grit leaving the water relatively clear of particles. The color doesn't both the fish, just particles. So the trick is to pick the slower more protected sections near structure where the fish will take whatever drifts by that they can see. Another good example is a pattern like a super flash bunny leech.

Lake Puett has been producing high numbers of smaller pike lately. The seem to be keying on large crayfish, so try throwing a Tequeely circus peanut or sunrise sculpzilla.

If trout are what you're after, Pastorius is fishing well right now for rainbows. These fish seem to really love damsel fly nymphs, so an olive hare's ear should work great. If not, try small wooly buggers in natural colors. 

April 4th - Florida River - Lower Section.

Good hatch of midges,bwo's and caddis. Fishing was great with lots of fish caught. Several large fish were also landed-20"+ Micro mayfly sz 18 Czech caddis sz 16 Cdc caddis sz 16 Pops bugger sz 12

March 31st - River Flow 1460 CFS

The Animas is in full-on run off mode with record breaking flows for this time of year. Fishing it right now would more than likely be a waste of your time.

If things were to clear up a little (and not look like the chocolate river from Willy Wonka), floating and casting large streamer toward the banks would move fish.

There is good new; the lakes and ponds are waking up and fishing has been getting better each day. Try throwing wooly buggers near the  river inlets of Lemon and Vallecito. Puett and Totten are both good places to get some early season pike.


March 18th - River Flow 400 CFS and rising.

Its the start of run off season. The Animas has jumped 200 CFS since the beginning of the week. The water is off color with visibility around a foot or so. But with the colder weather blowing in over the weekend, the melt will slow down. So it is a matter of checking the temperatures overnight to see whether the mlet will slow. It also means that the water will be clearer in the morning and then get a little murky as the day warms up. Fishing in the murky water is fine. It is the material such as silt which forces the fish lower to keep their gills clear. So look for clearer more protected areas or fish near the inflowing streams where the water is a little clearer.

There have been sparse hatches of BWO's and March Browns and we should begin to see more and more has time goes on.

The fish don't seem to be keying in on the adults so much right now, so try other life stages. RS2 and WD40's should work to good effect. Caddis larvae are always a good propect as well as larger attractors with a little flash. And,of course, it's never a bad idea to throw streamers in the Animas. Black will show up the best in this murky water. Almost time to dust off those rafts and start slamming the banks!


March 4th - River Flows 160-180 CFS

The Animas is flowing a little bigger this week due to the recent snow we've had, but is fishing is much the same. Streamers are working as well as nymphs in size 14-18, such as Caddis (green) and Flashback Pheasant tails.

Also try small baetis or midge patterns. There have been blanket midge hatches, but the fish aren't looking up. Bottom line, the Animas has been and continues to be a blast to fish and will remain excellent until runoff begins.

nice brown


February 27th - River Flows 140-160 CFS

[Ben] The fishing has been great on the Animas, particularly on the the Ute waters. It requires a little patience to find the fish as they continue to school deep down. They will respond either to nymphs or streamers.

Streamers have been successful, particularly larger ones. Try olive, So try #4 Dolly Lama's or Circus Peanuts, to dredge up the big boys.

If those don't work, try nymphing deep with your standard nymph patterns such as Hare's Ears or Prince Nymphs size 14-18. Also use the heavier czech nymphing patterns. The fish are not particularly fussy at the moment. It is just a matter of finding them and getting the fly to them.

We are taking 2 rods along. One rigged for the streamers and the other a nymphing rod. It saves time. 



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animas river fishing reports


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animas river fishing reports

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