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animas river fishing reportsan juan river fishing reportsanimas river fishing report


This is an Archive of Fishing reports from the Animas River and other local Durango waters.

We have a separate archive for the San Juan Reports.

animas river fishing report

August 9th - [Brian] Great day on our lower florida river property. Dry fly and fly/dropper all day long. The nicest fish was this 24" rainbow plus over 20 other fish a piece!

Brook trout, rainbows, browns and cuttbows. Good golden stonefly hatch, midge, caddis and large mayflies were also seen throughout day. All sizes of fish were caught with an average size of about 12".

Best Flies:
Amys ant,
prince nymph dropper.


August 8th - [Jerome]

Conditions on the Animas (450) remain consistent although water conditions have cleared due to reduced precipitation from seasonal thunderstorms. 

Large fish are still moving well to streamers on overcast days and smaller fish are responding well to traditional nymphs and dries near the edges.

Recommended patterns -

#2-4 Muddy buddies
CH Zuddlers (black and olive)
#16-18 Elk Hair Caddis (peacock and olive),
#16-20 BH Pheasant Tail’s
#16-20 princes,
#14-16 Caddis Emergers.   

Hermosa Creek, Lime Creek, Cascade Creek  are fishing very well using dry flies.  As Fall approaches hopper fishing will begin to pickup. 

Recommended patterns:
#14-18 Royal Wulff,
#16-20 Parachute Adams,
#12-14 Stimi Chew Toy,
#10-12 Head Turn Hoppers. 

Dolores below McPhee (75 cfs) fish have been keying in on #18-20 Baetis, #12-14 Caddis. 

Use a dry dropper rig. 

Recommended Flies:
GT Adult
Parachute Adams

BH Wire Caddis
Flashback Pheasant Tails.


August 7th - [Steve] Animas- Fishing fairly well. Black Circus Peanut Streamers seem to be the best choice for quality browns and rainbows.  However, Charlie's Brown Hopper with a Bubble-back emerger dropped 24" from the dry fly worked well.

LaPlata Creek- Fishing great w all dries. Fat Albert ant patterns, Japanese Beetles, and Charlie's hoppers. Small but native brookies.

August 2nd - Attached is picture of upper florida a stretch of private water our clients can access.

August 1st - The animas is fishing tough.  Big fish will move to large streamers and buggers.  Smaller fish are stacking in any soft water with some depth.  Dry dropper rigs using hoppers and caddis emergers.  The random larger fish will move to the hoppers but one needs to put in the work to get the rewards.

July 29th - [Jeremy] Hermosa Creek has been fishing well for some time now, as it is usually the first to drop and clear up.

Lime and Cascade Creeks are also low and lovely now, offering some variety of locations to fish.

Best patterns:
hi vis adams
black foam beetles.

Animas River- The Animas has dropped to 700cfs and is looking good. I have been throwing big articulated streamers in olive and black. My favorite fly so far has been the Circus Peanut.

Caddis hatches have been pretty good as well as BWO hatches starting mid morning or so. Pheasant tail nymphs and caddis pupa patterns like the bird of prey will bring some fish to hand.

July 29th - [Ryan] Lemon Reservoir.
The reservoir is starting to drop, so fish the channels in the mouth of the reservoir.

Black Wooly Bugger with an egg pattern
San Juan Worm as a dropper

Upper Florida River
Flows are starting to decrease; find pocket water to fish.


Red Copper John (#16)
Elk Hair Caddis (#18)


July 28th - On the Animas the larger fish have been moving well to streamers and smaller fish to traditional nymphs and dries near the edges.

Recommended Flies:
#16-18 Elk Hair Caddis (peacock and olive)
#16-20 Hares Ears traditional and olive
#14-16 Caddis Emergers
#4-10 Streamers in Black & Purple with good weight. 

Hermosa Creek, Lime Creek, Cascade Creek are fishing very well using dry flies.  

Recommended Flies:
#14-18 Royal Wulff
#16-20 Parachute Adams
#12-14 Stimi Chew Toy.  

Please keep in mind that the West Fork of Hermosa TU reclamation work is scheduled to begin the first week in August. 

Dolores below Mcfee (75 cfs) fish have been keying in on #18-20 PMDs, #12-14 Caddis.  Use a dry dropper rig.  We recommend patterns such as GT Adult and Goddard Caddis dropping to a BH Wire Caddis.

July 21st - [Brian] The new Florida water we have access to has been fishing very well. Great dry fly fishing with midges and caddis coming off. The also took tungsten pheasant tails fished down.

The Animas has a lot of caddis coming off. The variation in water quality is abating and the quality of the fishing should be coming back soon.

The Pine continues to fish exceptionally well. There are a lot of big fish this year. This is part of the cycle of the river and it is currently in the big fish cycle.

We will be posting a series of photos of our Florida access this weekend so come back in a day or so and have a look.

July 20th - [Jeremy] Animas River- water is clear and running high, so most of the fish I was able to find were holding tight to the bank. The only fishing I have done has been with a streamer, and the best pattern was an olive circus peanut.

July 19th - [Brian] Brian reports that fishing was good on the Pine with consistent action throughout the day. Caddis and pmds were coming off during the day.

The best results were from nymphing deep with a lot of weight in the faster deeper sections. Then shortening up leader set up in pocket water.

Flies: sz 12 tung cased caddis, sz 18 purple tung prince, sz 18 tung micro mayfly.

July 14th - [Dan] With the recent rains, the Animas has colored up a little cutting visibility. But with the rains passing, it is clearing. So baring any additional rains, the conditions will improve again and we expect to be back out on the river by the late weekend or early next week.

July 8th - [Brian] We took out a trip during the day on the Animas and then floated again in evening. The water is clearing nicely now so the fish are starting to move out away from the bank.


Town to Bondad. The State has recently stocked the ater and there are a lot of 4-6" fish in town.

The Lower river has much bigger fish but there are fewer of them.

The fishing was decent with action throughout most of the day. On the float during the day, there were not many fish in evidence but in the evening a lot more fish came up.

Dry fly activity.

Amy's Ant
Elk hair caddis


We also fished with streamers on a nymph type rig missing a lot of fish and landing a few. It proved a good rig.

The technique is to cast close to bank, let the flies sink then slowly jig them back to the boat.

Tung rubber legged bugger (#8),
Black pops bugger (#10)
Tungsten micro bugger black and olive(#8)

July 6th - [Brian] The Animas. Brian reports that the fishing is good. He has had success on streamers;

Crystal bunny leech
Black weighed bugger

His technique was to cast the fly tight to the bank and then let the fly drift into deep pools.

Brian with animas brown

July 5th - [Dan] The animas has now cleared nicely and is offering more extended fishing. With the caddis and PMD's coming off, good dry fly opportunities and good floating now for the next month or so.

July 3rd - [Brian] On the Animas, go fishing early. the water is clear but begins to color up as the day progresses and the melt picks up pace.

In the lower Animas Brian reported 1 foot visibility. He was successful with micro black buggers fished close to the bank. There were caddis and PMD's flying about.

July 2nd - [Dan] The Pine is producing big fish.  With fish caught this week including a 26" Cutbow, 22" Brown & numerous browns & bows in the 17-20 inch range. Deep nymphing with beadhead caddis & baetis patterns.

The East fork of Hermosa Creek has been fishing very well.  With good days on stimulators & hopper patterns. It is not uncommon to have a 30 fish day.

The Animas has been fishing well with caddis in the evenings but the water condition has been variable with color coming in as the melt increased a little.

June 30th - [Brian] Pine river - June 27th-30th
The Fishing has been excellent with the flows dropping over the past week. Brian reported a lot of big fish being caugh
t. Currently there a lot of good hatches with small Caddis, pmds, and golden stoneflies.

Generally the freestones have been dropping over the week.

June 21st - [Steve Linn] The Caddis Hatch is under way on the Animas. The lower down the river...the better the hatch. Prime time is 7:00-9:00 p.m.

The fish are stacked against the banks out of the faster flowing water. 6" of visibility is all one needs. The falling water is also clearing as the debris has been shifted by the heavier flows.

Watch for the water to drop in the next 5-7 days.
1500 CFS is perfect for a float and some great caddis fishing.

June 18th - Brian has found some good clear water on the east branch of the Hermosa. We have posted some nice pictures of the East Fork water.

[Brian] Both the East Fork and main fork of Hermosa are fishing well right now.  Both watersheds are high water but clear enough to fish.  Nymph fishing with heavier flies in the deeper holes.  We only fished in the best looking holes, we tried other water but either moving too fast or no fish.  We saw a few mayflies but not many other insects flying around. 

Recommended Flies:

Tungsten Princes,
Tungsten stonefly,
Tungsten Red San Juan worm

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animas river fishing reports


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animas river fishing reports


animas river fishing reports

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