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animas river fishing reportsan juan river fishing reportsanimas river fishing report


This is an Archive of Fishing reports from the Animas River and other local Durango waters.

We have a separate archive for the San Juan Reports.

animas river fishing report

June 14th. [Steve] Steve fished the East Fork of  Hermosa on Sunday.  He reports a great day, beautiful weather and landing plenty of fish on dries.  The most successful fly was #18 Royal Wulff. 

"The creeks were running clear and perfect much to my surprise.  The fish range from 6"-12" but the are the Native Colorado Green Back Cuts a few rainbows here and there, but overall a great day". 

June 9th. [Dan]We have been fishing Puett lake while the waters have been off color and the tailwaters rising. It has been offering very good fishing for pike and small mouth over the past week or so. Electra lake has also been fishing well. See the photos just added for Puett.

June 9th. The Animas is still running very high and colored, but it seems that it may have peaked out on Monday with the peaks now seeming to be settling. If so the fishing will be strong in the clearer water on the edges where the flow is not as fast.

May 31st. [Jerome] The freestones are now running off are generally are not fishable while it remains hot.

Pine River Report

Flow: 558 cfs

Overall: Excellent

Runoff is is full swing, however the increased flows to the Pine and Florida rivers has set the stage for excellent fishing opportunities.  The fish are responding well to a variety of bead head caddis and baetis patterns ranging from size 12-18. 

Try the usual pheasant tails's, copper johns, prince's, etc.  The Pine can be a tough river to fish. For best results I suggest employing one of our experienced guides.  Extra care is required when wading in higher flows I recommend a wading staff for increased comfort.

May22nd. The last few days we have had unsettled cold and wet weather with some snow at higher elevations. Consequently the Animas has come down a little and has cleared very nicely. As the water drops it leaves a clearer bottom over which the higher flowing waters have passed cleaning the debris and winter accumulations. The animas has returned to levels of a week ago and now offers some good streamer and nymph fishing as the fish are tempted back into the current and cleaner water.

May 17th. The hotter weather has picked up the flows and turned the animas upside down. It is only at the highest altitudes that the water is moderately fishable, so while this heat persists it is tailwater time.

May 11th. [Dan] I fished the private water on the Pine yesterday afternoon with Brian and his brother, Walker. It fished well at 400cfs.  Heavy, deep nymph fishing with bead head attractors and midges produced good results.  There was a nice hatch of small baetis and a number of midges in the late afternoon.  The flow on the Pine has been bumped a few times in the past week and the fish are now settling in and eating nicely.  Brian described it as a "good day" for the Pine, with numerous rainbows, cutbows and browns hooked, with the best fish landed being a cutbow in the 18 inch range.  We did have some mountain weather, with a 10 minute period when we were fishing in a steady hail storm, but I did manage to hook my best fish in the middle of that storm.  Brian mentioned that the day before (Sunday) he hooked a trout in the 30 inch range that he described as his "fish of the year".

Flies: The best Flies were Pheasant tails and the pink frenchie.

May 11th. On the Florida the water was off color at 55cfs. The fishing was productive.

Flies: Buggers and red and pink sj worms

May 7th. As the weather warms up again the river is starting to gather more color. This week the streamer fishing was productive provided one used heavier streamers near the banks where the fish were tending to hold away from the faster moving water. Other flies which worked were caddis pupa and attractors such as FKA princes.

This week the weather is predicted to cool a little with a few showers for a day or so. However as the week progresses it is anticipated that the temperatures will increase again with temperatures approaching the mid 70's. Once the temperatures hit the 80's the run-off will be on for young and old.

So until the water becomes completely unfishable, concentrate on larger flies with a little more weight and some flash or sparkle such as an FKA prince behind a sparkle pink worm fished in the slower water where there is less material to unsettle the fish.

Any larger caddis larve with a little flash or bright color will work as well.

May 1st. Los Pinos (Pine River) Water flows are at 150 cfs having just increased from low winter flows. The weather was variable from cold and snowy to sunny and comfortable. There was also some intermittent wind.

Fishing was excellent. Fish were hungry and actively feeding in deepest slowest water. Fish have not moved into faster shallower water yet. There was an excellent midge and baetis mayfly hatch.

Mercer's Micro Mayfly,
Pink Frenchy,
Pheasant Tails
Caddis Larvae,
Wooven Caddis,
Parachute Adams

April 30th. The animas is 740 cfs in Town and 471cfs below pump house Fishing is at its best during warmest parts of dy. Brian reports the first caddis of the season as well as midges coming off nicely.

The water remains colored so it is best to fish in the quieter sections either behind structure, near the banks of close to feeder streams which are clearer.

Best success was on bright and dark colored streamers. Caddis and midge patterns have been working in clearer water

Pops Black bugger.
Caddis larva. 
Midge larvae with some flash such as the juju midge in bigger sizes so they are visible. 
Also try flash prices such as the FKA prince and the lite brite princes.


Lemon Reservior: At this time of year some of the better fishing is in the reservoirs when the ice is off but the water remains clear because the runoff has not picked uo.  Brian reported good fishing catching several  good sized rainbow trout

Technique:  Slow retrieval is the best strip

Fly: Pops Black and Red bugger

"There is always some good fishing somewhere!"

animas river fishing reports


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animas river fishing reports


animas river fishing reports

"san juan river fishing reports"