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san juan fishing reportssan juan river fishing reportssan juan river fishing reports


San Juan River Fishing reports

San Juan River Reports- Below.

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san juan fisihing reports

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13th May - The juan has been fishing well, with the flush coming around within the week now is a great time for wade fishermen to get out there before it gets too high!  The fish have been eating red larvas, and buggers in the morning. in the afternoons baetis have been the main staples with winger emergers, beerhead baetis and micro-mays!

7th May - River Flow 464 CFS

The big news is that the Bureau of Reclamation has announced the spring dam releases. The will start increasing flows starting on May 14 and flows will top out at 5000 CFS from May 16 through the 22nd. Then there will be a gradual decline until things get back to the normal 500 CFS on the 25th.

5th May - (Nick) - quality waters all fished well today, the upper section in the morning was fishing well with flash buggers, #22  rust bling midges, and #20 green brassies.

The best fishing was lower on the river. The fish were eating hares ears, chocolate foam backs and rainbow warriors all #20s.


1st May - Brad - Floated the San Juan on the 27th and 28th.  The river was crowded but it fished very well.  In the upper river section a cream ufo was the fly.  We also moved lots of fish on black uv emergers #24 and red annilids

Lower river was picking up fish on #20 jujubaetis, chocolate foam backs and flashback pt's.  Despite the windy conditions,  fish were still rising to BWO's.  Hatch was later afternoon a little after 2pm. 

29th April - Wylie - Despite a crowded river, the fishing was awesome. The fish were eating #20 flashy orange UFO in the morning and a #20 chocolate foam-back emerger in the afternoon. 

Once again, it was windy in the afternoon as the temperature rose in a clear bright sunlit day. Yet, a great day on the river.


26th April - Fishing was best early and late. Size 24 bling midge in grey was the hot fly. Some Baetis activity.
Size 22 foam wing RS2 emerger - grey, also caught fish.

Lower down, the quality Water is also fishing well.


22nd - April - River Flow 487 CFS

Well the hot,cloudless days have put the mayflies down on the juan so that means its midges all day. Start the morning off drifting a tandem midge rig 4'-6' down depending on the water depth. The fish seem to be partial to red,cream,gray and olive.

Starting early in the afternoon the trout are looking up. One good technique for here is a double dry fly rig. Tie on a size 14 Griffith's gnat follow by an emerger pattern such as UV emerger or Jujubee 12" from the top fly.

The fish seem to be taking bugs just below the surface. They may take the big lead fly, but it more importantly serves as an indicator for the emerger.

If these methods don't work for you, a dead drifted woolly bugger or leech pattern can save the day.

19th - April

18th April - Fishing was excellent in the afternoon. Size 22 Big Macs and size 20 UFOs produced the most fish. Water is clearing with some fish rising when the wind isn't blowing.

15th April - River Flow 482 CFS

Fishing is great on the juan at the moment.  Midges have been the main staple through out the day, with dry fly fishing from around 1:00-5:00 pm. 

For the dry fly fishing try a griffiths gnat, with a dorseys medallion pupa, or U.V. Emerger behind your dry about 15-18 inches. 

Also egg patterns have been working great in the morning, chartreuse, apricot, pink, and cheese have been the best producers. 

For the streamer fishermen out there, there has been good streamer action early and late in the day, olive and white buggers, and small olive and black meat whistles have been producing.

8th April - San Juan River Flow 481 C.F.S.

The San Juan continues to fish well and fishing tactics are similar to last week. If the fish aren't rising, try drifting an egg pattern with a midge larve dropper. These fish are looking for eggs.

If the trout are eating BWO's, try dead drifting dries such as parachute or a hi vis cripple baetis. These bugs love to hatch in inclement weather, so if it's your prerogative, try to fish the river on overcast or even raining days. You'll have more of the river to yourself and the wind and rain will knock the bugs for the fish to gorge on.

1st April - San Juan River Flow 470 CFS

The San Juan is still fishing well.

BWO's are starting to become more active, especially on cloudy days, so try throwing small Parachute Adams size 20-26. Not a bad idea to have a dropper emerger pattern 18" below your dry fly to take a couple more fish throughout the day.

For midges, use the standard colors, trying black and red larvae first. The fish seem to be keying in on bugs with some flash to them, like Flash UFO's or UV Emergers. Don't forget egg patterns either. Looks like a little rain is in the forecast for the beginning of the week, but beautiful weather to follow.

31st March - San Juan River: 500cfs
Weather: 70's clear and sunny. a little wind in the afternoon

We had an excellent float trip on the San Juan Saturday.  Lots of action with over twenty fish to the boat.  Midges were very active throughout the day with a few blue wing olives coming off in the afternoon.  Fishing was consistent all day long with only a few slow periods.  Fished larva patterns most of the day switching to blue wing patterns in the afternoon.

Flies: Big Mac #18; UFO #22

24th March - Flows: approx. 460 Water temp: 42

Braids above Texas Hole

Many of the rainbows are either in full spawn or post spawn so be careful where you are wading and avoid fishing to paired up fish on their reds to ensure a successful spawn. Also try to limit the handling of the female rainbows, so you don’t force their eggs to prematurely release. Try to reduce stressing the fish and keep them in the net in the water as you remove your fly from their mouth and be sure to revive them properly before releasing. 

The fishing:
Fishing was steady all day. Saturday had great weather throughout most of the day although it was a bit windy in the AM it was gone by early afternoon. Midges were the staple today as the bright conditions kept the BWO action to a minimum. The midge hatch was fairly sparse today so stayed subsurface until the evening. The midges were mostly black and grey (22-24 with some 20’s mixed in) earlier in the day and switched late afternoon to olive (24-28).  Eggs are also in the flow, so try an egg/midge tandem rig. There was some debris in the flow later in the day as well, so annelids were a good bet.


zebra midges 20-24, UV Midge - black 20-24, Big Mac black and dark grey 20-24, grey RS2’s (22-24), Dark Olive thread midges (24-28), red larva (22-24), peach and pale yellow eggs.

18th March -
River Flow 450 CFS

Gotta love spring time in the high desert. 60 degree weather one day to rain/snow and wind the next. Such is life here. At least the fishing is still good. Fish are being taken on midge larvae in black and red. The fish are eating bugs off the surface as well.

Try dry flies in the 24-26 size range. If you are more of a quality over quantity angler, streamers will move the big boys.


4th March - River Flows 475-500 CFS

Not much has changed this week on the San Juan with midge patterns and streamers being the most productive.

Pheasant Tails and Foamback emergers in size 18-20 are also taking fish. The weather is warming up with temperature nearing the 60 degree mark. With the exception of mid week where they're calling for a little rain, things should be sunny and comfortable throughout this whole week.


26th February - River Flows 500 CFS.

The San Juan is fishing well. The water color is still a little cloudy but still very fishable. Midges are key, in brown,red,grey or chocolate. Experiment with color choice until you find something the fish like. Big Macs and UFOs can be deadly.

Use ,#20 or smaller. There's always the option of throwing or even dead drifting streamers to entice fish. Wooly Buggers and Bunny Leeches will move fish in the standard colors,but don't be afraid to try white.

The weather is looking a little nasty for a day or so but after Wednesday things should be better. 

As noted above we keep an archive of past reports on the San Juan River in our San Juan River report Archive

Also see our separate Animas and local Durango River fishing reports.

san juan river fishing reports


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san juan river fishing reports

san juan river fishing reports

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