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san juan fishing reportssan juan river fishing reportssan juan river fishing reports


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san juan fisihing reports

June 14th. [Jerome] The fish are moving well to attractor patterns such as chamois leech, Juan worms and eggs as a point fly with a midge dropper.  20-22 midge patterns in cream, red, black, and grey have been best then switching to BWO’s such as the sparkle baetis, and flashback PTs no bead size 18-20 around noon.  Long leaders are needed.  Get it down the flows are up.  The AM has been fishing best. 

The releases are scheduled to start dropping on the 15th. The fishing will be excellent as the big fish which have moved to the edges will be found in shallow water as the levels recede.

June 10th. [Steve] The fish on the San Juan have settled in from the change in flow and were eating very well yesterday.  His words " looked like the fish had been gorging themselves and some were so fat they looked like their bellies were about to explode."

Half the eat was on eggs, the other half on midges and the one fish they pumped had eaten numerous scuds, many red midges, some ants and even one very fat San Juan worm. Flows will not start dropping until next week but the float bite is back on.

June 9th. We hit the top of the releases yesterday. So in a day or so the fishing will be great with the big fish having spread out and the water having cleared after the peak was hit. The trick now is to fish to the edges in the quieter water. Then when it starts to drop the big fish will be in the shallower water for a while until they realize that the level is falling.

May 31st. [Jerome]

Flow: 500 cfs

Overall: Excellent

The tail water section of the Juan has been fishing very well.  Fish have been keying in on midge clusters and BWO dries throughout the day.

When not targeting risers I suggest a nymph rig with a screamer as the point fly dropping to smaller midge larva in black, brown, cream, or red and baetis patterns mid-day such as sparkle baetis, fluff baetis, or foam back emergers. With the water off color 5X allows for anglers to prevent break-offs and reduces the hook-up to net time thus increase the survival rate of the fish.

As always call or stop into the shop for up to date reports and fly selection information.

May 29th. We are coming up to the increased releases from the dam.  When the water is rising it will be stained and a lot of material will be floating by.  Clean your flies continually as any material will render them useless.  As the water level rises the fish will be pushed to the edges to keep clear from the silt.  As the water rises and colors up, the fish will take patterns with a little flash such as FKA princes, worm patterns with a little flash and nymphs with a little flash as well.

Once the level settles, there will be less material and the fish will be back to feeding.  The key then is to look for the quieter water where the fish will gather to feed.  It is great fishing once the fish settle back into their feeding rhythm.  Then as the water recedes it will be clear.

Principal Biomass:  Midges and BWO’s.  Fish will feed all day, but the BWO’s will be coming of from midday to mid afternoon.

Techniques.  Generally nymphing.  Follow the fish in the water column.  But when they are taking BWO’s off the surface, dry fly action will be strong.

Equipment.  For nymphing #5 or #6 and 9 ‘ – 10’ length.

Tippet:  Down to 6x.  In the darker water, go heavier as the fish will be less likely to see.  In addition use flouro to help disguise the line.

Recommended Flies:
For midges: 
Black and grey biot emergers #20 - #26
WD 40 – black and red - #20 – 24
Red larva #18 – 24
Chocolate midge pupa - #20 - #24

For baetis and BWO’s:
Parachute Adams - #18 - #26
Parachute BWO - #18 - #26
FPA Sparkle baetis #18 - #24
Pheasant tails - #18 -#24
Lightning bugs [in murkier water] #18 - #24

May 26th. The Bureau of Reclamation has finalized this year's scheduled spring peak release from Navajo Reservoir.  The attached chart shows the end of day release rates throughout the spring peak release period.  Reclamation will begin to increase the release on Monday, June 6, 2011 at 1:00 AM, reaching 5,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) on Thursday, June 9th at approximately 3:00 PM.  The release will stay at 5,000 cfs for seven days.  On Wednesday, June 15th at approximately 7:00 AM, the release will begin to decrease, reaching 500 cfs on Friday, June 12th at approximately 10:00 PM, where it will remain until further notice.

navajo releases

May 24th. [Dan]:  Fished the San Juan on Monday & reported a good BWO hatch with rising fish in the mid to late afternoon with good work on red & gray midges (Sz 24) throughout the day.

May 19th. [Jeremy] Fishing has been especially good for the last few days. A red larva to a cream midge pupa has been my go to morning selection. Around eleven I've been switching the red larva to a chocolate foam wing emerger with a copper rib. The fish I've found rising have been eating a 20 or 22 parachute adams.

Animas River fishing report.

san juan river fishing reports


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san juan river fishing reports

san juan river fishing reports

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