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Fly Patterns

In this section we provide a list of flies and images. We will keep adding over time.


Index - Streamers

Articulated Fat Head - Black
Articulated Fat Head - Sculpin
Articulated Fat Head - White
Articulated Monkey - Tan
Articulated Monkey - White
Autumn Splendor - Tungsten
Articulated Leech
BB Damsel Dragon Bugger - Brown
BB Live Leech - Black
BB Rubberlegged Bugger - Black
BB Rubberlegged Bugger - Maroon
BB Trans Leech - Olive
Beldar Bugger - Black/Red
Beldar Bugger - Brown
Beldar Bugger - Olive
Beldar Bugger - Skunk
Beldar Bugger - Yellow
BH Crystal Rubberlegged bugger
BH Pop's Bugger - Brown/Black
BH Pop's Bugger - Brown/Olive
BH Pop's Bugger - Olive
BH Pop's Bugger - Olive/Black
BH Pop's Bugger - Olive/Brown
BH Pop's Bugger - Olive/Chartreuse
BH Pop's Bugger - Purple - Orange Bead
BH Pop's Bugger - Red
BH Prince Aggravator
BH Purple Flash-a-bugger
BH Woolly Bugger - Olive
Big Fly Big Fish - White
Bite Me Bugger - Black
Bow River Bugger - Black
Bow River Bugger - White
Bruce's Pumpkin Leech - Olive
Bruce's Red Bead Seal Bugger - Olive
BTB WTD Tequeely
Bugger - Brown
Bugger - Olive
Bullet Bullhead - Olive
Bullet Bullhead - Tan
BulletHead - Olive
Bunny Sculpin - Olive
Burger Bugger - Halloween
Butt Monkey - Olive
Butt Monkey - Rusty Brown
Butte Rat - Black
Carey Special - Peacock
CH Bow River Bugger - Light Olive
CH Crystal Bugger - Green
CH Crystal Bugger - Olive
CH Crystal Bugger - Black
CH Rubber Bugger Byotch
CH Delectable
CH Delectable - Olive
CH Fire Tiger Bugger
CH Kiwi Muddler - Black
CH Kiwi Muddler - Brown
CH Kiwi Muddler - Pearl/Red
CH Kiwi Muddler - White
CH Madonna
CH Marabou Muddler - White
CH Marabou Muddler - Yellow
Christmas Tree - Blue/Silver
Chuck n Duck - Firetiger
Circus Peanut - Motor Oil
Circus Peanut - Olive
Circus Peanut - Purple
Circus Peanut - Tan
Circus Peanut - Tequeely
Circus Peanut - White
Clouser Sculpin
Clouser Silver Shiner
Coffey's Guiness Double Stout
Coffey's Guiness Stout
Coffey's Sparkle Sculpin
Coffey's Sparkle Minnow - Black
Coffey's Sparkle Minnow - Brown
Coffey's Sparkle Minnow - Olive
Coffey's Sparkle Minnow - Peacock
Coffey's Sparkle Minnow - White
Crystal Bugger
Crystal Bugger - Black
Cutthroat Epoxy
Diving Minnow - Black
Diving Minnow - Olive
Diving Minnow - Silver
Double Bunny - Black/Red
Double Bunny - Olive/Yellow
Double Bunny - White
Double Bunny - Yellow/White
Egg Sucking Leech - Chartreuse
EP Micro Minnow
EP TR Streamer
Flash-a-Bugger - Orange
Galloup's Dungeon - Olive
Galloup's Dungeon - Yellow
GB Carey Bugger - Peacock
GB Crystal Bugger - Olive
GB Crystal Bugger - Purple
GB Crystal Bugger - White
GB Micro Leech - Brown
GB Rubberlegged Woolly Bugger - Brown
GB Rubberlegged Woolly Bugger - Olive
GB Rolled Gold Muddler
GB Slight Leech - Red
GB Woolly Bugger - Olive/Grizzly
Granato's Chubby Muffin Sculpin - Olive
Granato's Chubby Muffin Sculpin - Tan/Yellow
Hale Leech - Black
Hot Head Squirrel Leech
Howell's Big Orange Nasty
J Minnow - Brook
J Minnow - Brown
Lead Eye Bugger - Black
Lead Eye Egg Sucking Leech - Orange
Leech - Brown
Leech - Wine
Lemon Drop
Little Fort Leech
Mini Lake Special - Maroon/Grizzly
Mouse 1
Mouse 2
Mouse 3
Mouse Rat - Natural
Muddler Minnow Weighted
Muddy Buddy - Black
Muddy Buddy - White
Near Nuff Cray
Near Nuff Sculpin - Tan
Nickel Eye Egg Sucking Leech - Black
OB Pumpkin Leech
OB Pumpkin Leech - Black/Olive
Philippe Flu Shot
Platte River Spider
Purple Peanut
RB Powder Leech - Black
RB Powder Leech - Red
RB Squirrel Leech - Black
RB Squirrel Leech - Olive
RB Stillwater Nymph
Richard's Emerging Bugger
Rick's Leech - Black
Rob's BB Slight Leech - Black/Olive
Rob's GB Slight Leech - Maroon
Rob's GB Slight Leech - Black
Rock Knocker Sculpin - Brown
Rock Knocker Sculpin - Grey
Ron's Cone Leech
Rubber Bugger - Olive
Rubber Bugger - Orange
Sasquatch - White
Sculpin - Mini Grey
Sculpzilla - Olive
Sculpzilla - Orange Blossom
Sculpzilla- mini - black
Sculpzilla- mini - white
Seal Bugger
Sex Dungeon - Black
Sex Dungeon - White
Sheila Sculpin
Shiner Minnow
Silverman's Syn Tuka
Skip's Trout
Slumpbuster - Black
Slumpbuster - Brown
Slumpbuster - Copper/Rust
Slumpbuster - Gold/Natural
Slumpbuster - Natural
Slumpbuster - Olive
Slumpbuster - Red/Black
Slumpbuster - Rusty
Sobuta's Rainbow Swimmin' Timmy
Squirrel Leech - Olive
Stingin' Clouser
Whitlock's Matuka Sculpin- Gold/Brown
Stinging Sculpin - Olive
Super Flash Bunny Leech - Black
Super Flash Bunny Leech - Tan
Super Flash Bunny Leech - White
Swimming Water Dog
Thin Mint - Tungsten
Trick or Treat
Vin Bug
Willie Nelson
Zuddler - White

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