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Fly Patterns

In this section we provide a list of flies and images. We will keep adding over time.

Index - Midges Larva and beadheads

Barr's Pure Midge Larva
BB Chironomid Static Bag - Red Rib
BB Chromie Halo - Red
Befus Olive
Befus Red
Benton's Shucking - Claret
Benton's Shucking - Olive
Big Mac - Black
Big Mac - Chocolate
Big Mac - Dark Grey
Big Mac - Flourescent Cerise
Big Mac - Flourescent Orange
Big Mac - Hopper Yellow
Big Mac - Olive
Big Mac - Olive Brown
Big Mac - Purple
Big Mac - Red
Big Mac - Rusty Brown
Big Mac - Shrimp Pink
Big Mac - Watery Olive
Big Mac - Wine
Black Beauty
Black Beauty - Red Rib
Black Chironocone
Black Flashback
Bling Midge - Olive
Bling Midge - Red
Blood Worm 1
Blood Worm 2
Blood Worm 3
Brassie - Black
Brassie - BH
Brassie - Green
Brassie - Red
Candy Cane
Candy Cane - Crystal
Captain Hook
Cardinal midge
CB Frostbite Summerduck
Chans BH frostbite - Black
Chans frostbite - Black
Charlie's Go Pro Midge - Purple
Charlie's Go Pro Midge - Purple/Red
Charlie's Go Pro Midge - Red
Charlie's True Blue Midge - Red Rib
Charlie's Tungsten Miracle
Cone Static Bag
CTB Zebra Midge - Black
CTB Zebra Midge - Rust
Desert Storm
Dirty 30 - red brassie
Disco Midge
Disco Midge - Red
Disco Midge - Pearl
FPA Black Beauty
Gen's Holo Midge - Blue
Gen's Holo Midge - Orange
Ice Black
Ice Gold
Icecream Cone Curvey Cone - Brown/Olive
Icecream Cone - Grey
Icecream Cone - Tan
Jen's CN Carrot Nymph
Larva - Black
Larva - Clear
Larva - Cream
Larva - Olive
Larva - Red
Lexi's Epoxy Midge - Cream/Green
Lexi's Epoxy Midge - Cream/Blue
Lexi's Epoxy Midge - Cream/Orange
Lexi's Epoxy Midge - Pink
Little Thing
Lightning Bug - Black
Lightning Bug - Red
Lightning Bug - Silver
Lightning Bug - Tungsten
Mercury Bead Miracle Midge
Mercury Black Beauty
Mercury Black Beauty - Red Rib
Mercury Blood Worm
Mercury Candy Cane
Mercury Rainbow Warrior
Micro Blueberry
Midgeling - Black
Midgeling - Red
Midgeling - Rootbeer
Midgeling - Tan
Mike's FPA Rojo - Blue
Mike's FPA Rojo - Burnt Orange
Mike's FPA Rojo - Chartreuse
Mike's FPA Rojo - Copper
Mike's FPA Rojo - Hot Orange
Mike's FPA Rojo - Hot Purple
Mike's FPA Rojo - Hot Red
Mike's FPA Rojo - Light Olive
Mike's FPA Rojo - Pink
Mike's FPA Rojo - Purple STD
Mike's FPA Rojo - Red Rib
Mike's FPA Rojo - Worm Pink
Mike's Stinky Pinky
Miracle Midge
Miracle Pink
Miracle Midge (2)
Nick's BH Red UVZ
Nick's Black Magic
Nick's Brown Larva
Nick's Cream midge larva
Nick's Larva
Nick's Midge Emerger
Nick's Miracle Pink
Nick's Olive Larva
Nick's Pink midge larva
Nick's Purple Back
Nick's purple midge
Nick's Red UVZ
Nick's Shucking Candy Cane
OJ - Green Bead
OJ - Orange Bead
Poison tungsten
Purple/Pink Larva
Rainbow Warrior - Black
Rainbow Warrior - Pink
Red Bead Powder Worm
Red Chironocone
Red Headed stepchild
Red Jibba Midge
Red Larva
Red Midge Larva
Rick's Prom Static Red
Robyn's Glass O Wine Larva
Rojo - Black
Rojo - Black (2)
Rojo - Green
SB Chironomid Static Bag - Red Rib
SB Chromie Halo Silver
Scintilla - Black
Scintilla - Grey
Skinny Nelson
The Ticket - Brown
The Ticket - Olive
Theo's Lipstick Midge
Theo's Lipstick Red
Tungsten Biot
Tungsten Chironocone
Tungsten Red
Two Tone
UFO - Cream (1)
UFO - Cream (2)
UFO - CN - Cream
UFO - Crystal
UFO - Epoxy Cream
UFO - Flourescent Orange
UFO - Grey
UFO - Pink
UV Midge (1)
UV Midge (2)
UV Midge Black (1)
UV Midge Black (2)
UV Blue
UV Chocolate
UV Tungsten
UV Sparkle Midge
UVZ Midge - Nick's Red
W's - Chocolate
WD-40 - Black
WD-40 - Brown
WD-40 - Chocolate
WD-40 - Grey
WD-40 - Olive
WD-40 - Web
WD-40 - Wine
WD-50 - Grey
WD-50 - Tungsten
Wilcox's minute midge
Wilson's Candy Cane Reverse
Wilson's Midge Blood Worm
Z Olive
Zebra Midge - Black
Zebra Midge - BTB - Brown/Olive
Zebra Midge - BTB - Olive/Brown
Zebra Midge CTB - COP/Red

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