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We have already discussed a basic package to begin fly fishing. This was chosen on the basis that the best way to learn is to actually get out on the river and try it. Fishing is supposed to be fun. That's the approach we always like to take. However after a time, fishermen will want to know more about their equipment and techniques. They will want to know whether they need to upgrade for a particular purpose. Is their equipment performing the way they want it to as they hone their particular skill?

There will be a lot of literature and reviews the developing fisherman will read. There will be a range of arguments for and against various items of equipment. So much so, that it will become confusing and the risk is that the fishermen will become brand conscious and make selections relative to the effectiveness of slick advertising rather than the requirements he or she has.

So let me give you some advice. DO NOT READ ANYTHING WHICH PRETENDS TO BE A GEAR REVIEW if you do not want to be confused. The industry pays journalists to write up particular products. Accordingly, many of the descriptive reviews are simply a function of marketing $$$'s. Find yourself a good fly shop or read blogs and see the range of opinions out there. Absorb as much information as you can. As you start fishing and get to know other fishermen, you will meet fantastic people who will give you honest opinions, little tricks and great advice. But just understand it is not complex and the best assessment of equipment in due course is going to be your own. Personally, I can have any equipment I want. Yet 90% of the time, I use a 7' 3weight glass rod which costs $375. And I fish 52 weeks a year. It suits me perfectly because I love to fish dries and this rod does the best job for my purposes. The reel I use is 40 years old. It works perfectly as well. So don't be sucked in by a salesman.
Accordingly we are going to attempt to lay out a few basics which we reference when discussing potential equipment purchases with customers.

The first comment is that most of these observations will be directed at trout fishermen in our local area with appropriate caveats being offered where necessary. Equipment to catch small to 20" trout is going to be different from the equipment one will use for steelhead, saltwater fishing, pike, muskie, carp or other larger more aggressive fish. So bear this in mind when reading these notes if you have little or no knowledge of fly fishing.

The second observation is that as you develop as a fly fishermen, you will gravitate to different styles of fishing depending on your location, the type of water you will prefer and the prevailing hatches.

In time you may prefer to wade fish in a big river which will require a longer and heavier rod than if you chose to fish in small mountain streams with dry flies. You might enjoy fishing streamers from boat. So as you progress, you will develop a preference for different equipment for different purposes.

With those thoughts in mind, lets consider the basic items of equipment. Each of the following links will lead you to a page dedicated to each subject.






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