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animas river fishing reports

animas river fishing reportsan juan river fishing reportsanimas river fishing report


The Animas River and other local Durango area fishing reports.

animas river fishing report


March 2018

March has provided some amazing days on the Animas River. Blue Winged Olive Mayflies have been hatching consistently mid morning into late afternoon with some excellent opportunities to fish dry flies.
Nymphing has been most productive although streamer fishing has been picking up.

Patterns to fish have been Juju Baetis size 18- 22, Frenchie's size 16, Prince nymphs size 12-18, Barr's BWO emerger size 18. Dry flies like a Parachute Adams size 16-20, Parachute Baetis size 18, CDC Biot Baetis size 16-20 and Parachute Wulff Adams size 16-18. Streamers like the Cheech Leech in Tan and black size 1, Helsenburg in white and cowboy size 6, Home Invader in olive/ grizzly size 2 and the Dirty Hippy in rainbow and Platte size 4.


June/July 2017

Wilderness/Backcountry Water levels for a number of tributaries in the San Juan National Forest are beginning to drop creating opportunities for anglers to target fish in a variety of locations within 50 minute drive of the shop. Water Clarity remains murky and debris can make nymphing challenging but fish are aggressively responding to large dark (black/purple/brown) stonefly patterns and dark Pat's rubber legs. Fishing should continue to improve daily and plenty of dry fly action throughout the day may present itself as water clarity improves. Mayflies, caddis and even some Salmon Flies are present on the water. Fishing the edges of fast moving drifts also produce aggressive brown and cutthroat trout.

Animas Now is the time to get on the River and take advantage of dropping water levels. Clarity is improving daily and hungry fish are looking to feast on the high aquatic numbers. Dark streamers move fish throughout the day, along with stonefly, prince and hares ears nymph patterns. Late evening hatches of caddis and even some drakes have large fish feeding along the banks, under trees and in slower stretches of water. Look for rising fish an hour before sunset with rainbows targeting tan/white dry flies. A delicate cast will attract rising trout all evening.


The Animas has been fairly consistent over the past week with water level and temperature changing from day to day. Streamers have been really productive when fishing close to the bank where good structure exists. Black and Olive have been better on darker days and yellow and white on lighter days. Nymphing has also produced some quality fish over the last week. Large and flashy bugs like psycho princes, metallic caddis larva's, copper john's and Sawyer pheasant tails are good choices. The trout have been feeding close to the bottom so getting your flies down is key. Target any water with submerged structure, long and slower eddy lines and quick drop offs along the bank. Hold on and get ready to run, the fish are very lively.


The river has cleared up a good amount with recent weather being on the cooler side. The current CFS is around 280 and the fishing has been consistent. Look for fish holding and feeding in the quicker water toward the head of the runs. Spring is in the air and the fish are feeling it also. Great quality rainbows and some stunning browns are being landed and released regularly. Patterns at fish are Hares Ears, Princes, Pheasant Tails, Juju Baetis and Rainbow Warriors. Sizes range from 12 to 20 and tippet size 3x-5x fluorocarbon is ideal. Stop in the shop for supplies before hitting the water on your next outing!!



The Los Pinos River is fishing amazing at the moment with flows up at 250 cfs. This is a large release for this time of year and fishing has been great because of it. If you are looking to target some trophy fish then consider booking your next trip. With the spring like conditions and perfectly clear water, the fish are feeding aggressively and are very healthy. Nymphing has produced the most fish with patterns like the Devil Jig, Tungsten Hares Ear, ICU midge. Seriously unbelievable conditions right now... get on it!


The Animas has been fishing well with quality rainbows and browns on both nymph and streamer rigs. The water is up a little bit to around 250 cfs and with warmer weather we are seeing some added color to the river. Don't let this off color deter you from fishing though. Some of the biggest fish of the season are caught when the temps and color fluctuate. Bigger nymphs with a bit of flash like the caddis hares ear, psycho prince and two bit hooker in a size 12-18. Streamers and leeches in a dead drift or swinging has produced some great fish also. Mayer's leeches in black, tequeely's and Gallup's Dungeon.


The Animas is fishing consistent with favorable conditions for mid January. Fish are feeding on caddis larva, midges, and micro mayflies. Target the slower water with good depth and make sure your rig is flirting with the bottom. We have seen some amazing Rainbows and Browns being pulled out of the river in the last month. Bug of choice have been: Metallic Caddis Larva, JuJu Baetis, Hares Ear, Tungsten Rainbow Warrior, Micro Leeches and Copper Johns.



Pine River Report 10/10/16 The Pine continues to fish very well heading into the fall season. The water has dropped to 177cfs and is going down a little each day. Fish are still active and eating heavily with big temperature swings throughout the day. Flies of choice have been zebra midges in black and olive sz 16-22, girdle bug sz 8-10, flashbang midge in red/white/black sz 16. This is a great time of year to target large fish on the Pine. If your interested in booking a trip on the Pine River below Vallecito Dam please contact the shop for details. Thanks and tight lines!


The Animas river has been fishing very well for quality rainbows and starting to see more action from the browns. Nymphing and streamers have been most productive. The fish are still sitting close to fast water and are feeding very actively. The flies of choice have been smaller caddis, mayfly and midge patterns such as pheasant tails sz 16-20, hares ears sz 16-20, red and chartreuse copper johns sz 14-20, beer beatis sz 16-18, Rs2's in gray, olive, black sz 18-22. Streamers like the black and yellow home invader, olive sculpin patterns, tan crawfish and the tequeely. Get out and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year. All these are on the Animas in the gold metal water!!


The colder weather we have been seeing around Durango has really kicked the fish in the Animas into feed mode. Both nymphing and streamer fishing faster runs has been productive. There still has been an occasional fish on the bank looking for hoppers to drop in as well, so keep an eye out for those guys. The water is low and really clear so being stealthy is key for the big boys. The water temperatures are dropping into prime levels right now, get it while the getting is good. Flies of choice have been Hares Ear sz 16, Pheasant Tail sz 18 and a Black Circus Peanut.

May - The Pine river is prime at the moment with flows around 400 cfs.  The fish are eating consistent throughout the day on caddis larva, mayflies, and stoneflies.  Patterns like the Pat's rubber leg, Hares Ear, Sow bug, Zebra Midges and Sculpins  are catching fish.  If your looking to get on the Pine for a great day, contact the shop for details about our private water options.  Tight lines!

March - The river is looking great at the moment with clearing visibility and a stable cfs of 400. With the cooler temps in the high country we are seeing the clarity improve and so has fishing. Nymphing has been producing the most fish with patterns like caddis larvas, hares ears, stonefly larva, baetis nymphs. The larger fish are being caught with leeches and streamers like Mayer's mini leech, sparkle sculpins, circus peanuts and meat whistles.


January - The Animas was very productive the past few days with warmer weather and overcast conditions.  Nymphing was most successful although I think casting some streamers would have moved a few fish.  Hares Ear, Sawyer Pheasant Tails, and Caddis larvas were the flies getting the most action.   The fish are fairly spunky considering it's the middle of January.  Nonetheless, the incremental winter weather effects the angler more than it does the fish.  If you hit the water prepared for the elements you can have some very rewarding days! 

December - Pine River Report. The river is very low and skinny at the moment with 60 cfs.  The fish are mostly sitting in slow deep water but don't overlook the head of the run where it's a bit more riffled.  Fishing was really good for about 3-4 hrs. starting around noonish.  Most productive pattern of us was the gold ribbed hares ear sz. 16.  We had some eats on a few midge larva's and emergers as well.  The weather was clear and sunny but still chilly with temps in the 40's.  Southwest Colorado offers great winter fishing opportunities so take advantage.  Cheers and tight lines!

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animas river fishing reports


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animas river fishing reports


animas river fishing reports

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